I want to stop dumping all waste in lakes and rivers. For years this has happened and can improve our natural resources.. Mercury is in the rivers and lakes and this is deadly to humans and wildlife. A huge problem is air pollution. I want to make more cars and trucks run on clean, renewable electricity, so we can eliminate relying on foreign oil.

Size of Government

I believe that we should have a big government. I feel like the bigger the government, the more control we have over issues that affect United States. With a big government, we can have more laws and solve national problems.

Health Care

Rich people should not have to pay health care for people who are not taking good care of themselves. I still want everyone to have health care but I don’t believe in how Obama care goes about this. The quality of health care should be based off of how much you put into the system.


I think we need to limit the amount of people the come into the United States. The USA is the 3rd most populated country in world. We need to protect American jobs and American interest. We need to make it harder for terrorist to enter our country and attack us from within.

Public Education

I believe that public education should only go up through the high school level. I still want the Government to pay schools. Schools that don’t have enough kids graduate with a diploma should get more money.


America needs to have a big military at all times. We need to be prepared for attacks from terrorists and foreign interests. Increasing taxes for the military would ensure that everything that American hold dear will be protected and last for future generations.