Great Resources for Beginning Caricaturists

Steven Tyler Caricature
To me, a caricature is a person’s likeness that has some kind of an exaggeration of reality. That exaggeration can be based on any emotional gesture or physical feature, but I tend to gravitate towards funny expressions and realistic renderings. Rather than try to explain what I’ve learned about drawing caricatures, I’m just going to point you towards the artists that I’ve learned from.

If you want to get a solid handle on how to start drawing caricatures, I think you should read Tom Richmond’s entire blog! But, here are some tutorials to get you started.

Tom Richmond’s Tutorials

Joe Bluhm not only tells you how he draws, but he shows you through his video podcasts.

Joe Bluhm’s Digital Podcast

Here is a huge resource of the Who’s Who of caricatures.

National Caricaturist Network

This blog is all about collecting caricatures.

Caricature Collection

Jason Seiler teaches the art of caricature for, and here is the blog of his students.

The Caricature Class Blog

Cool Portrait or Caricature Artists

Sebastian Kruger

John Kascht

C. F. Payne

Anita Kunz

David Cowles

Mark Ryden

Ed Steckley

Court Jones

Stephen Silver

Ismael Roldan

Daniel Adel

David O’Keefe

Drew Struzan

Philip Burke

Joe Bluhm

Russ Cook

Achille Superbi

Mort Drucker

More Mort Drucker

Greg Halbert

Serge Birault

Tom Fluharty


This list is by no means exclusive. If you have a favorite caricature artist that I missed, please leave a link in the comments below.