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I‘m Steve Ollice, a graphic designer and illustrator recently relocated to Hartland, Wisconsin. I work full time, but I freelance on the side. I am constantly expanding my horizons by experimenting with digital processes, tinkering with WordPress, and photographing the landscape and wildlife of this beautiful area.

  • Crafted with love

    I take pride in my work and always strive for the highest quality. I love what I do and I’m constantly thinking of new and better ways to hone my craft.

  • Melodical by nature

    Yes, there is a method to design and creativity! Graphic Design is technical and requires a methodical approach to be efficient and on point.

  • Wisdom and experience

    Years of experience has shown me the multiple ways to accomplish a design problem. I can find the best solution to your needs.

What others say about Steve

Jason Key

Stephen is a talented and passionate graphic artist that is always eager to learn new skills and get in and get it done.

During his time at Centurylink he really expanded on his talents while engaged on many different kinds of projects in many different technical areas. He was very involved in a variety of site designs, template construction, modifying raw HTML and CSS as it pertains to layouts he designed in a variety of applications like Photoshop.

Stephen was always prepared to go the extra mile to get a project done and I would recommend him without reservation.

Jason KeyDirector Product Architecture and Solutions at PayPal
Jay Hitchens

Steve was an early hire into a group of 12. He showed leadership, great creativity and the ability to adapt to difficult challenges. He would certainly be rehired if the opportunity came about.

Jay HitchensPresident, The JFA Group LLCJay Hitchens
Jeff Goldscher

Steve worked as a freelance designer for Havit Advertising in our Raleigh office. He was a dedicated worker and was willing to go beyond in order to make our clients deadlines. His ability as an illustrator is something we continue to leverage.

Jeff GoldscherExecutive Vice President, Aquarius Sports and Entertainment; Experienced Strategic MarketerJeff Goldscher
Sonia Rachelle Leath

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Steve for my position at Qualex, and then afterwards working in our close group of designers. He knows the tools of the trade and is a very talented illustrator/designer. He always challenged us to push our designs further and to do our research to make our designs as unique as possible. It was a pleasure to work beside him and be mentored by him in my job at Qualex, and I recommend him very highly.

Sonia Rachelle LeathGraphic DesignerSonia Rachelle Leath

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