Otis Ollice 4/19/98 – 4/14/08

Otis-Labrador Retriever

Today is a tough day in the Ollice household. Otis, my faithful companion for 10 years, just passed away. I read the book “Marley and Me” and Otis was nothing like Marley. Quite possibly, he was the best dog anyone could have ever had. He had the greatest disposition for a family dog. Being our “first born”, he was always very gentle with our children, even if he might have been a little jealous at first.

Otis was always one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I even developed those photos into t-shirt designs for Ducks Unlimited. Here is my first digital painting using Painter software, using a photo of Otis.

One day, when it is my turn to go, I know Otis will be there. I will miss him until then.

Farley’s Point 2002

Farley's Family
Ever have a hard time getting everyone to smile for a photo? Solution? Photoshop two photos into one. I spent so much effort to blend the two photos together that I didn’t bother to erase the extra “me”.