Allan Guy Website

Allan Guy Studio Spirits

This month, I have had the honor of building a portfolio website for the prolific designer Allan Guy. Working on other artist’s artwork tells you a lot about that person. You view the artwork in much closer detail than if you were just passively walking by. Perhaps you have walked by the work of this artist before.

Allan specializes in premium branding for the quality goods market and resides in my old stomping grounds of Manassas, Virginia. I have always loved the designs of labels and packaging. So much so, I often buy products just for the label! Allan’s beautiful work is of this caliber. He has worked with some of my favorites, such as Bacardi, Dewar’s and Kalua. If you have ever had a fine Virginia wine, then chances are, you probably have already seen some of Allan’s handiwork.

I met Allan Guy while working on his Manassas Museum T-shirt design. Clients often ask me to separate complex designs for screen print, and Allan’s design featured historic paintings of portraits and Civil War battles in a beautiful layout. You can see this design in the website’s “Assorted” section. Check out his work at and prepare to be impressed!