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a multi–layered javascript experiment

To see the site that I used to learn this technique, check out the source code

First of all, try scrolling up and down. Use your scroll wheel, use the scroll bar, use the arrow keys, page up, page down, space bar.

Note how the text scrolls normally, but the rocky background scrolls slowly, the fish a little faster, and the ripples in the water scroll faster than normal. I added another neat effect, the water gets deeper as you scroll down!

The 16 designs below are old t-shirt designs from way back. Some are better than others, and if I were to revise them, I would recreate most of them a different way.

Woolrich Released but not Forgotten Speckled Trout Woolrich Released but not Forgotten Woolrich Mountain Stream Creekside Trout Woolrich Creekside Trout Woolrich Bend My Rod Tommy Lost Reef Tommy Blues Tarpon Paradise Striped Bass Sail Away GH Bass Plates EMS Lone Kayak EMS Canoe Oval The Art of Angling

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